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Ojai, California

About ME

​ediscovery writer marketing expert

I am Lynn Frances Jae, the Principal at eDiscovery Writer and  a legal technology marketer, writer, educator and consultant. 

I specialize in sharing technical information with non-technical audiences. Since 1999, my work has been focused on electronic discovery and information governance.

I track trends in legal technology and identify their effective application, to mitigate risks, minimize discovery costs and access relevant information to support legal matters.

As a marketing expert, my knowledge leadership pieces address the issues faced by in-house counsel, IT, outside counsel, and specific business units.

​I am a conference panelist for the Today’s General Counsel Institute Series and a market expert for American Legal Media (ALM) special projects.

I have authored and ghost written a wide variety of eDiscovery, cybersecurity and information governance articles, white papers and presentations.

My Masters Degree in Education with a specialty in online education informs all of my work, as I believe that the goal of marketing is to educate.


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